Abney + Abney Green Solutions brings insight, execution and measurability to your design team and finished project.


Consumers are increasingly demanding healthier, more efficient buildings. To meet these needs, many projects are pursuing a green certification to add value to their investment and stand out amongst the competition. Green homes use less energy, water and natural resources, create less waste, and are more durable, comfortable and healthier for the occupants. Rented or owned, affordable or market-rate, single-family or multi-unit, urban, suburban or rural -- if it’s housing, it can be green. AbneyGreen is an approved certifying agent for all three available green home certifications in Florida.


As building systems continue to evolve their level of complexity increases. Given the large investment building owners make in systems, it is important to follow a well-defined process during the building’s development to ensure that the systems meet the owner’s project requirements. Commissioning is essentially a sophisticated quality-assurance process developed to confirm that building systems are designed, installed and operated at peak performance levels. AbneyGreen acts as the commissioning authority and as an advocate to building owners looking to make sure their large investment in these systems is maximized.


To us, green building consulting goes far beyond checking off boxes on a scorecard. AbneyGreen provides a turn-key approach to managing your green building certification process. From serving as the project’s representative with the selected certifying body organization, to coordinating each and every green aspect of the project, to finalizing the submissions for certification review, we passionately manage the green details, allowing the design and construction team to concentrate on what matters most…a quality, finished project.


Building green is an investment and like any good investor you want to know that your investment is providing returns. Energy Modeling for commercial buildings and Energy Rating for residential buildings,are two ways to do just that. By using cutting-edge tools to simulate the energy use of a building throughout an entire year of operation, AbneyGreen can quantify the savings attributable to the proposed green design.